Hiding behind the words “Peaceful Protest”

After the Bill Barr debacle yesterday, where he was asked questions and then not given an opportunity to answer; and especially after watching an impromptu street interview with Jerry Nadler this morning, where he denied that anarchists even exist except for as a made up story in DC, I decided to watch a mainstream media … Continue reading Hiding behind the words “Peaceful Protest”

Defund the Media

One of the professions that I toyed with pursuing when I was young was journalism. I absolutely love the written word and thought it would be a great avenue for my talents. One of the reasons I did not go down that path was because I questioned my ability to perform the necessary extensive research … Continue reading Defund the Media

Working through the COVID19 Pandemic

First and foremost, I appreciate all that the healthcare community does to ensure that those affected most by this virus receive the best care possible in an impossible situation. I understand that when they took their oath to preserve life, they couldn't have possibly imagined such a scenario as this unfolding globally, let alone in … Continue reading Working through the COVID19 Pandemic

Memories of Christmas Past

Memories are amazing things, aren't they? Some are so profound, that if you close your eyes you can be transported back in time and almost feel the air, smell the odors, and recapture all the feelings... It's so peculiar how only certain things, usually brief passing moments, stay put in our memories while chunks of … Continue reading Memories of Christmas Past