Hiding behind the words “Peaceful Protest”

After the Bill Barr debacle yesterday, where he was asked questions and then not given an opportunity to answer; and especially after watching an impromptu street interview with Jerry Nadler this morning, where he denied that anarchists even exist except for as a made up story in DC, I decided to watch a mainstream media station as well as Fox News coverage of the “peaceful protests” throughout the country. I want a clear picture of what is really going on, and I would love nothing more than to find out I’m wrong and that our cities are not under attack.

Not surprisingly, the competing news networks offered two completely different takes on the federal government’s involvement and the protester’s behavior. Both come across very believable, which in itself is frightening. There is one blaring difference though, and that is when you see the videos and photos of the mayhem, take for instance in Portland. Those images, at the very least, beg us to ask: if the protesters are peaceful, why are buildings being set on fire? Why are all the buildings, including federal buildings, defaced with graffiti and lewd language? Why are the federal agents confiscating Molotov cocktails, and why would a person with peaceful intentions need such a thing in their possession to begin with? And last but not least, why is screaming, pushing, berating, spitting and throwing things at law enforcement now acceptable behavior and considered peaceful?

If you haven’t seen these images on the news agencies that you are watching, I urge you to broaden your horizons even if it pains you to hear the other side. Turn on Fox or American News Channel or search the news on DuckDuckGo instead of Google or Yahoo. Viola…. a whole new world.

Seeing the other side will no doubt make you wonder, are the mayors of these cities delusional, afraid, or operating on a very tainted agenda at the sacrifice of their own people’s safety and well-being? Is Pelosi, Nadler, AOC, and the like, condoning this behavior by dismissing it? How can any of this be explained away, or worse, be treated as a fabrication? People who live and work in these pockets are suffering daily, and more importantly, they are afraid for their lives and livelihoods.

I don’t understand how, instead of issuing condemnation remarks of these acts, some politicians are trying to blame the federal government for coming in to protect the federal property the mayor is allowing to be destroyed. There is not even mention of the dangers of all this in the middle of a pandemic. A pandemic where law abiding citizens have been ordered to wear masks, social distance, lose livelihoods and forego normal childhood. Yet protesters and rioters are protected and encouraged.

There is a much bigger picture going on here, and it is time that both sides stand against this ingrown terror that is being played out in our cities. This is not about George Floyd any longer, this is an orchestrated attempt to dismantle our country city by city. Is the downfall of America and the burning of cities appropriate to disrupt an election because of venomous hate for the sitting President?

It’s time to ask the “peaceful protesters” to take a seat, so that those with nefarious motives no longer have an opening for their harmful displays. If peaceful protesters truly want equality and peace for all, then start by standing up for your own cities and demand these anarchist groups retreat.

The American people deserve more than these political games and upheaval. We deserve protection, respect and the Country so many have fought and died for… Enough already, this is not who we are. Speak up, both sides and do the job you were put in office to do. We the people, have had enough.

Peace and God help us all.

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