Defund the Media

One of the professions that I toyed with pursuing when I was young was journalism. I absolutely love the written word and thought it would be a great avenue for my talents. One of the reasons I did not go down that path was because I questioned my ability to perform the necessary extensive research to uncover the truth. Little did I know that eventually that would be a moot point, as it appears research is not necessary, and truth is overrated.

What I’ve come to discover however, is that a little bit of research can go a long way, perhaps not in finding the answers, but certainly causing one to question what is being presented as truth. How many of us can honestly say that we research what we are fed from the media? How many watch one station, and one station only, living by their stories as a Bible of sorts for current affairs? Quite a few, I’m sure. My suggestion would be to watch the rival channel. If not for anything else, then just for giggles. You’ll be surprised how different the state of the Country is presented. This would explain why as civilians we are in constant conflict.

So, here’s the big question…. Why are media outlets who profess to bring their audience truth, presenting stories and headlines in a completely conflicting way? In some cases, they are not reporting on events at all, because certain events do not fit the overreaching narrative of the station. There really is only one answer why this is happening. The stations believe Americans are overwhelming naive and can easily be led like sheep with intentional deception. Sadly, there cannot be any other viable reason. So, who is right? Who is wrong? Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the middle, or maybe just maybe some stations are truly working for a deep seeded political agenda with the intent to cause division among citizens. After all, we are not smart enough to do our own open-minded research, or so they assume.

Just as a simple example, here are the two major political news outlets’ online lead pages first thing this morning. Notice anything odd? Has anyone told CNN what’s happening in Seattle? Personally, I think this is something the public should be made aware of immediately and at the forefront. After all, we the people are the ones made to suffer from the trickle effect of all this unrest. At the very least we should be informed of what is really going on in our own backyards. Some will argue that FOX is over dramatizing the situation, but who’s to say for sure? I personally would like the entire state of the Nation presented to me, factually if at all possible in this current environment, and then I can decide my level of interest and concern.

Some of us embrace the words “fake news” while others vehemently defend the stories that are being presented. I understand that perception is reality and that this is where our conflict has its roots. Whether we are being fed half-truths, over dramatizations or outright lies, it is time we make news organizations, both printed and on airways, accountable for the information they are putting out to the American people.

We should stand for nothing less. Anyone with children or grandchildren over the age of ten, please ask those children how easy it is to manipulate a video. If a child can create an illusion with a touch of their finger, why would we be naive enough to think that what we see is not edited or not presented in its entirety? We deserve more than misinformation and the media’s push to divide us. Stand up America and demand honest and integral reporting. If that is too much to ask, then it’s time we defund the media, because they are the problem.


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