The State of America

What do I say? Where do I start? Can I be honest, exercising free speech or do I hold back and scatter my words on eggshells, so as not to offend? If I give my honest assessment and opinion will I be vilified, shamed, labeled something that could not be further from the truth? Because apparently, that has become the new American way.

What have we done? Yes, tension has been simmering for many years, but to me it all increased to a slow boil in March. We demeaned and bullied and mislead the middle-class worker into believing that “14 days to slow the spread” was a small, but needed sacrifice to save the world.

In that, we took learning facilities away from our youth, jobs away from their parents, and human contact away from our civilians. We gave everyone nothing but stress and destructive reflective time to reach a full boil. All the while taking away our ability to smile at each other as we passed, making us all nothing more than robots with frightened eyes. How cold; how sad, and yet we fell for it.

It was explained as the need to keep only essential employees working. A justification for crippling small businesses, family and friendships. We were spoon fed conflicting information, data, and guidelines allowing certain businesses to grow and flourish, while Mom and Pop shop’s disintegrated before our very eyes. We were led away from churches, and removed from bedsides of ill and dying loved ones who needed us the most. We were not even allowed to celebrate their lives when they passed. How did we allow that to be okay?

It was not more than two weeks ago that people took to the streets in small crowds to protest the stay at home order and were demonized as inhumane, evil, killers for doing so in putting others at risk of COVID-19. However, it is now perfectly acceptable to do protests en masse, how can that be?

In all of this insanity and unrest, Americans have been led to believe that they MUST pick a side. There cannot be a middle ground. Citizens are mentally beaten down and made to comply through fear and intimidation with not just the disease but matters of the heart and conscience. Spirits broken and brought to a level of defeat, in perfect preparation for the environment we are now in; one of no escape to ease the mind and heal the soul.

My heart is broken. Shame on you Congress and politicians, for your petty wars and inflated egos. I don’t know how most of you sleep at night. In gated communities, with security guards and ample incomes I would assume. If any of you truly cared about this Country, our safety and its people, you would do what was done on 9/11. Take to the Capitol steps, hand in hand, and sing God Bless America. Unite all parties, all races, all classes of people as an example of who we are at our core, and a reminder that we can get through anything TOGETHER.

Americans are hurting, all of us, and those in charge hold the tourniquet. It’s time to put our needs above your personal agenda and misguided propaganda. Media outlets, you are no better. Stop fueling the fire of hatred behind the shield of righteousness. Fully open up this Country and give your people purpose and a place to go again; listen and converse with each other as leaders who truly care about everyone’s future and look to set an example; and most importantly let God back into this country. He is needed now more than ever. Certainly more than we will ever need a politician and news anchor who continually paint citizens with broad strokes to purposely divide them.

Peace to all and God Bless this country and its people. Every one of us.

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