Working through the COVID19 Pandemic

First and foremost, I appreciate all that the healthcare community does to ensure that those affected most by this virus receive the best care possible in an impossible situation. I understand that when they took their oath to preserve life, they couldn’t have possibly imagined such a scenario as this unfolding globally, let alone in their very own community. Much respect to them, they are courageous and compassionate beyond compare, and this affirms what I have always said. These workers, along with the police, fire and military personnel, are the ones that should be paid handsomely for the services they render. I never understood why an actress playing a role could warrant such a paycheck, while those who sacrifice daily, receive a pittance.

All of that said, and at the risk of opening myself up to criticism, please understand the side of those being ‘held’ against their will in this shutdown. Every single one of us loves our compromised and elderly loved ones just as much as those who are championing the ‘stay at home’ movement. We worry, and shield them daily, even when there is not a pandemic knocking on our door.

We appreciate the information that has been given to us and the guidelines which have been taught to us on how to better protect our loved ones and ourselves. In return, we ask that our fears, concerns and personal situations be respected and considered as well. Many are sacrificing their livelihoods, and ultimately their dignity, to protect the vulnerable and those on the front-line. This is very noble, but those told to sacrifice their existence were not given a choice, the benefit of doubt to conduct themselves responsibly, or the consideration that they have family’s dependent upon their financial well-being for their survival.

These aren’t people who lost their jobs for poor performance or lack of desire to work; these are hardworking individuals who were basically fired and told to sit at home and let the government take care of them. These unemployment numbers are based on real people who were forced to stop working and told that if they did not comply, they can be arrested or fined.

I believe most people were on board to do their part when we were initially told it would be two weeks of sacrifice. But here we are closing in on a month and still extending deadlines. Each day more individuals sit at home, looking at their families wondering when their government check will arrive, how they will get groceries, who will pay their bills, and most importantly where will they find work when this is over? Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking all these businesses are going to be able to reopen when this is done, sadly many will not. The level of anxiety and despondency is unimaginable for these people. Those who, if given the choice, would risk contracting the virus and fighting it off, versus becoming a government statistic in the welfare system.

It goes without saying that our civil liberties are what have set us apart as a nation. Without them, we are doomed. There must be a balance set, with or without all of the testing available, to put people back to work now. With masks and gloves, responsibility, and an awareness that they run a risk of contracting the virus. We are adults, and we are caregivers to many as well. Healthcare workers have been given the opportunity to put themselves in harm’s way to care for the compromised; it’s time to give American’s back the choice to put themselves in harm’s way to care for their families. Let all Americans be the heroes that they have always been.

Yes, some will conduct themselves in ways contrary to the guidelines, and they will put themselves and others at risk. This is always the way, and it will continue with or without a lock-down. If this was truly a concern, municipalities would not be setting prisoners free. You don’t create order by releasing disorder into the streets.

Finally, we cannot let a virus that originated in a communist nation, bring the biggest illness of all to our shores. You cannot vaccinate a nation by stripping its people of their freedoms, driving people into poverty and government assistance, and mandating every move that they make… Well actually you can, if you really want that virus, that came from a communist nation, to win.

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