Covid-19 and 2020 Vision

I had my first emotional breakdown yesterday. I seem to teeter between tears and psychotic laughter. I presume we are all feeling similar ways, with varying degrees of stress, despite age group, health and financial class. To think this has only just begun is mind blowing, but if I shut down the news and social media, I do grab a reprieve, moments where I almost forget that I’m living out a sensationalized disaster movie. One that would be inconceivable in real life, and completely impossible to fathom an end to…

Like many, I’m now working from home and have officially washed my hands to the point of chapped. I’ve also forgotten what my own face feels like and have gone from optimistic to paralyzed with fear on an hourly loop for the past day or so. I’ve held onto every reaffirming word from leaders, and crumbled under scenarios forecasted by others. I’ve scoured statistics to calm my nerves, only to hear a cough or sniffle, and completely lose all rationale.

Everyone around the globe is suffering from emotional whiplash right now. Financial worries and health concerns with a very uncertain future are heavy burdens to bear in normal times, but when you have no one to buffer your feelings against, like someone who is in a better place, its more than overwhelming, it’s a complete doomsday feeling.

Add to all this, the lack of basic human daily interaction and it becomes surreal. I am by no means a “touchy-feely” person, but I already miss people. I miss not being afraid of being near my neighbor, or even complete strangers for that matter. Life had gotten cold enough with the onslaught of technology. This isolation is an eyeopener to how much we really do need each other.

I guess all that we can do is look at this as a way to reassess and get back to basics. Put our devices down and reconnect with family, as we long for each other and await interaction again. I do take comfort in knowing that when this veil is lifted, we are sure to once again appreciate human touch and camaraderie.

In the meantime, grab your tambourines and noise makers to make music like Italy, and hang those Christmas lights to shine through this darkness. Let 2020 be the year of 2020 vision, and when this is over, we can once again begin to look at life and each other the way we used to, and the way God intended. With compassion, gratitude and tolerance.

Peace and good health to all.