Coronavirus and the State of Mind

First and foremost, in no way shape or form am I minimizing the effect of this virus on the compromised or elderly. Every life is sacred and worth all measures to save, at every stage. That said, have we as people lost all ability to reason and logic?

There are approximately 7.53 Billion people walking this beautiful planet. There are estimated to be 138,000 people who have or have had the COVID-19 virus. From that number, nearly 70,000 have recovered thus far. Now, keep in mind, that the hardest hit country happens to also be the most populated with 1.3 billion people. Out of that number approximately 81,000 people were infected. That is approximately .006% of their population, and the number of new cases is now on the decline there.

Aside from the above statistics, it has been established that for the vast majority who contract this virus, it will be nothing more than a respiratory illness. One that will pass and be treatable at home.

Let’s all pause and gain some perspective here. I repeat .006%. Does this staggering figure require stockpiling toilet paper, water and every medicine and vitamin you can fit into your carts? Did it occur to anyone that one of the compromised people, who doesn’t make daily frenzied trips to the store because they are home-bound, may actually catch this virus or one of the over 320,000 other known viruses to mammals? These individuals have more of a potential to need the items healthy people have just purchased en-mass for bunker living. Unfortunately, because of over-reaction, they will be left to suffer even more if they become seriously ill.

What kind of example are we setting? We complain that our youth have gotten soft, unable to handle life’s obstacles that pop up from time to time. We tease that they fall into the fetal position with the first push back or dilemma that comes their way. Does this mass panic and apocalyptic mentality do anything to affirm reason and logic in an intense situation? I don’t think so… Don’t even get me started on the ridiculous attempt to politicize this, or any illness for that matter.

Stop and think. An abundance of caution, hygiene that should have been in effect to begin with, and consideration for personal space is always warranted. Logic enough to stay home and rest is expected when you are sick, and normal protocol for coughs and sneezes should be followed always, not just now. Finally, prayers and extra care taken for those compromised and/or in high risk. Again, this is behavior that should be common practice. Level-headed reactions would go much further in helping those who ultimately fall seriously ill from the virus, versus far over-reaching irrational fear.

Finally, shout out to those who are actually making me look like the rational one, that’s quite an accomplishment.

Peace, stay well, and continue to wash your hands 🙂

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