America, who are you?

I still love you. I always will. You’re a part of me, and I of you. The memories we share run deep. Some sad and some tragic, but most joyful and sweet and real.

I remember the way we used to laugh, with wild abandon and enthusiasm about the future and all that we could achieve together. Even in times of sorrow, you lifted me up, always gave me hope and encouragement to be more, be the better me and aim high.

We’ve always had differences of opinions, but we listened to each other, shared our hopes and dreams and agreed to disagree. At times we even celebrated our differences and playfully teased each other about silly stereotypes that were inherent to our kind. We celebrated who we were, individually and as a whole, but we didn’t dwell on ourselves to the point of thinking each of us had to stop being who we were to please the other. I see you, all of you, and I celebrate our differences, but we don’t need to make those differences at the forefront of every conversation we have. How can we obtain true tolerance if we continually aim to label each other? We used to be able to just “be.” Without apologies and accusations.

When did you become so sensitive? So combative? Demanding I see you for who you are, and in the same breath demanding I change who I am to accommodate you? You’ve started to tear down the masses to elevate the underdog, without understanding that you have become the very entity you preach against. You have become the bully and the intolerant one. Why is it we can’t co-exist anymore, even if we really don’t particularly like each other? Forced love and respect means nothing. True earned admiration and tolerance out of understanding, is what matters.

I ask you to pray with me. Pray that we come back to who we were. That we recapture the relationship that can rival the world. I ask you to pray, and at the same time, I pray for you. But you mock me for it.

I plead with you to not let go of values, traditions, obvious God given dynamics. You call me rigid, unyielding, deplorable. I argue that I am simply trying to preserve mankind, in all its glory, not a redefined and misguided version of it. You preach and you teach confusion, vagueness and an anything-goes mentality which has done nothing to make our youth feel safe and guided and clear.

Who have you become? Why are you always erring on the side of insults and misconduct? Why are you trying to dismantle men and make them inferior? Why have you completely lost regard for human life in its smallest and most vulnerable form? Why are you so far away from the warm and loving family-oriented protector of values that you used to be?

Most importantly, why have you forgotten? I pledged my allegiance to you everyday of school in my youth. You will not even allow me to do that any longer, for I reference God when I do.

Know that my love for you remains, but my faith in you is faltering. Come back and be who you were, who you are meant to be. Back to basics, back to reality, back to the America each and every one of us, despite our differences, deserves…