Dear Alyssa Milano…

Stop, please stop. Stop talking, stop grandstanding, stop posturing, stop defending, stop demanding… Just stop.

We understand your life has been lived inside of a Hollywood bubble and by ‘pretending’ to be middle class American characters you fully believe that you have a grasp of what and who average women are, and what they want and need. You do not. In fact, you do not remain silent long enough to hear anything but the sound of your own venomous speech. Take a break, learn something real. Women are not cookie cutter versions of you.

We get it, we got you, we heard what you have to say. We see your disdain for men, your crushing hatred of pro-life advocates and your MeToo championship, unless of course, someone is accusing Joe Biden of being inappropriate… Odd, because we saw your smug face at the Kavanaugh trials, demanding that we persecute him based on the non-memory testimony of a woman who claimed foul play over 30 years ago. There too was the case of other women insisting he was not that type of man, but you weren’t buying it back then. Funny how suddenly you’ve had a change of heart. We saw through you then, and frankly at this point we see past you.

Please take a seat somewhere other than in front of a camera and stop speaking for whoever it is that you think you are helping. Georgia doesn’t care, your MeToo followers don’t appear to care anymore, and frankly the vast majority of women who are more than capable of speaking for themselves never cared.

Life is short Ms. Milano, and yes, it is incredibly precious, in my opinion at all stages. Something I learned as I have gotten older is that silence can be a beautiful thing. It calms the soul, it causes reflection and self-evaluation. It connects us to God. Perhaps it’s time for you to quiet yourself a bit. Learn something, instead of demanding you be seen as the teacher of all that should be upheld. You may just come to find that sometimes the explanation behind an opinion is actually worth hearing… Oh, and whenever you’re ready to offer an apology to Kavanaugh for your hypocritical treatment of him vs our ex-Vice President, I’m sure he’d love to hear it.

Peace Alyssa…