Jussie Unjust…

Okay, this will be a quick one. Whatever the motive, whatever the reasoning, can we please call this what it was? A hate crime. Yes, this label is not just reserved for a select few. If in his alleged attempt to gain notoriety, Mr. Smollett demonized an entire demographic by pointing to a particular race and political affiliation, then yes, Mr. Smollett committed a hate crime whether intentional or not. Although in my opinion, from what has been presented thus far, this was pretty calculated.

In a country set in a time riddled with wide political divide and daily theatrics over every little topic of debate, this was beyond poor taste. This was cruel, childish, irresponsible and corrupt. It was unjustifiable behavior that could have resulted in false arrests and consequences. It was an inexcusable temper tantrum aimed at others he obviously wanted targeted. If that wasn’t his intent, then in my opinion, the race of the pretend perpetrators, as well as their choice of clothing and words spoken, would have been left out from the graphic detailed account.

I truly pray no one in Chicago suffered from lack of police presence because of this alleged claim and pull of resources to weed through the mess he created. Aren’t our law enforcement officials bogged down enough with real crimes, especially in Chicago where homicide rates are through the roof?

Shame on you Mr. Smollett. Good for you the makers of Empire who have relieved him of his role for the last few episodes. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that he will never complain about his salary again since $0K per episode is a lot harder to swallow than the multi-thousands he was complaining about.

Fess up and apologize Jussie Smollett, and then let’s see if you are forgiven or ostracized indefinitely as some were for far less a crime than this. Perhaps realize it may be time to stop honing your acting skills… The Emmy is pretty far out of reach from grasp at this point, but the bars of the jail cell are looking closer and closer… A little humility on your part may go a long way.

I’m very curious to see how this continues to play out. Let this be lesson number 8,000 that we should just be kind to each other, and honest and integral. There are plenty of indecent and nasty things in this world if that’s what one is looking for, we certainly don’t need to fabricate even more.

Peace… and here’s hoping everyone finds their happiness by their own merits, not by tearing someone else down.

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