A Beautiful Mind

It was date night.  Out for a drink and a bite to eat at a local spot where one of our favorite bands was playing. Always a good time, with a comfortable crowd and warm atmosphere…

Halfway through our evening, a sharply dressed couple perhaps 10 years our senior walked in and took a seat at the hi-top in front of us. Right away there were some subtle movements I noticed that led me to believe the woman was struggling with some type of issue. It appeared to me that her husband was discreetly helping her navigate her way around a bit.  It took me a while to put my finger on what may be the problem, but as the evening progressed I came to wonder if perhaps it was the beginning stage of Alzheimer’s Disease. This woman’s behavior seemed to mimic the early onset I had recently seen depicted in a documentary which chronicled the disease’s progression and a couple’s struggle to deal with the affects.  I must say, as much as I had felt watching that documentary, it was not nearly as moving as watching this man, in this little pub, care for this woman he obviously adored.

I’m not sure if its my age, the two glasses of wine on a semi-empty stomach, or just the pure beauty of the moment that moved me to tears that night.  From his gentle nudge to remind her to sit in her seat when she seemed to be ‘stuck’ standing next to it, to his occasional careful spoon feeding of her soup in such a way that it seemed like nothing more than a playful and caring gesture versus a necessary act to remind her to begin doing the task herself.  Although there were definitely moments where she seemed to be lost in her mind, there were also times where I could see in her eyes that she was fully engaged with the man who never failed to look at her like she was the light of his life.  In between eating, many times he took her hand and gently guided her to the dance floor with a firm placed hand on her waist.

You could see the absolute joy in his face when dancing, and you could only imagine how that activity must have been something that they immensely enjoyed doing together.  More often then not, he held her hands and danced beside and around her as she stood content but not fully participating… And then, every so often, the light in her eyes would spark and she would break out in the most beautiful smile and begin dancing and moving with him.  It was like a scene from The Notebook.  It was beautiful; there really is no other word for it.  In a world that has become more about nonsense and less about the human connection, this was a sight for sore eyes.  This was a heart moving reminder of why we are here and why we need each other, and most importantly it was a visual of what love looks like.

When I say it brought me to tears, I speak the truth.  Right there, right then I couldn’t help myself.  That woman was undeniably the very light shining upon that man’s life and even though I didn’t know who the couple was, or their story, his immense love for her was captivating to me.  The truth is, I may be interjecting or surmising way more than I should, but either way I am thankful that I saw them and that they shared their love story, albeit inadvertently, with me that night. I wish them well and pray their journey, whatever it may be, is blessed with more moments like the ones I was fortunate enough to witness.

Love is powerful, and kind, and amazing, and a gift from God. Put it out into the world and let it be returned to you, it can and will be the only thing that saves us all.  Peace.

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