In God We Trust…

So much debate lately about God. Questions that arise naturally as a human condition to tragedy and loss, and the lack of explanation of why and how God could allow such horrendous things to happen.  What often amazes me the most is that the defenders of God seem to be those who have experienced the most devastation or those who seem to outwardly have the least . You would think they’d be the ones to be skeptical, but usually that is not the case.  On the other hand, there are some who lead somewhat of a charmed life, and yet cast judgement on those who use prayer to lift themselves and others up. They seem to voice their doubts the loudest, and their anger comes across more palatable then the person who truly has reason to be broken and angry.

Why is that? Its not just in our country, look to poor nations and their citizens who literally live in squaller, but sing God’s praises nonetheless.  I have to wonder, if perhaps God speaks to them in such a way that the common man couldn’t possibly understand. Maybe its because they lack trivial distractions and they are more open to His comfort.  Whatever the reason, no matter how many times some people are shaken to their core, they rise up and continue their belief and proclamations.  And in doing so, they somehow remain present and kind, and good in a world that hasn’t always shown them the same kindness.

I’m human, I question often, but I comfort myself with the simple answers that were given to me as a child.  Humans were given the gift of free will, evil exists, and although bad things happen there is a heaven to look forward to where life on earth is paled and nothing more than a stepping stone. I refuse to lose my faith in humanity and in God, because of the acts of some, and the unfortunate path of sadness and loss that life sometimes follows.

I am thankful everyday that I have not felt the deep abyss of pain and loss inflicted on families from the horrific tragedies that we are forced to wrap our minds around as of late. I cannot honestly say that I would resurface from such devastation as anything less than a shell.  However, that said, I know people who have endured pain close to this, perhaps not by mass destruction, but by personal loss that is unexpected, devastating and unnecessary.

In particular I draw to mind someone whom I love very much, who lost her only child tragically, after enduring her own childhood that had already been filled with intermittent sadnesses and losses. Yet through her suffering and her pain, she remains a faithful and loving person, who has fought her way back as best she could, to move on through this life with purpose and kindness until she can again be with her beloved child.  Her belief in God, and the promise of a new life, IS her comfort. As witness to her pain and faith, I can make sense of the single set of Footprints in the Sand as God carries us through those most difficult times.

There has been a lot in the news lately about a particular TV host who stepped out of bounds with criticism regarding Jesus “speaking” to a certain someone and what she deems to be the insanity of that.  As angered as I was initially by her statement, after mulling it over for a bit, I’ve come to feel immensely sorry for her.  Sorry that she has become so closed off and bitter that she cannot see or hear anything but the shrill of her own voice.  No matter what religion we practice, I think if we all took a true moment of silence, looking beyond our own superficial wealth and worries, God would speak to us. Perhaps not with words per se, but with a comfort and a loving embrace that many of us need at this time.

I don’t think anyone argues, in the wake of yet another senseless act of violence, that a multitude of our laws at the very least need redefining, but as I outlined in a previous article, there is so much more that has caused our society as a whole to head down a path of cultural disintegration. Prayers offered at this time are not only for the families affected, but for society as a whole to wake up and do what must be done to put an end to this path we’ve put ourselves on. We can’t inundate our children with horrid images and mixed-messages, and then blame God, or what some feel to be a lack thereof, for the fall of humanity. God taught us kindness, forgiveness, patience and love. Somehow along the way, we thought it a good idea to prioritize greed and self-glory, while glamorizing evil and violence as entertainment.

God exists, He is still here, He always has been.  That has not changed…  Sadly, we have.

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