Artistic Expression Gone Amok

And the Award goes to…

I spent my entire childhood and a good portion of my young adult life with the dream that I would someday be a world famous actress. One that would herald audiences of all ages, and one that would fall into the category of the Hollywood greats. Growing up, I would watch the award shows with my Mom and be enthralled by the outfits, the glamour and the excitement of the evening.  Such fond memories I have of those times and the joy we had immersing ourselves in their world as if we were actually a part of the festivities. A complete escape from reality, for just a few welcome hours….

Flash forward to today’s disappointing climate where those memories have now become bittersweet..  To them I say:  You have taken the pure joy of watching an artistic performance away from so many of us who would look to you for an escape from the hardships and reality of life.  You have managed to alienate half of a country.  Do you understand and grasp the magnitude and disservice of that?  Are your ratings not an indication of the inappropriateness of your fanfare?

Please understand, you may certainly have your political beliefs and biases and you may voice them at your leisure, but not at ours. Yes, some of your fans may tune in to hear that rhetoric, but at least half tune in to get away from that very type of behavior.  We are already inundated daily without your input. How sad and unfortunate that you feel forcing your opinion down the throats of the American people during a self-serving pat-on-the-back ego boost is somehow a service to this country.  You have become nothing more than frenzied cartoon characters to a large portion of those who used to enjoy your artistic expression.  How unfair for those entertainers who are trying to pull in a wide range audience with thoughtful and uplifting performances.  To be minimized by the poorly timed behavior of their peers must be so frustrating.

How incredibly pompous of you. Just the fact that you have these award shows so that your peers can say ‘good job’ for the job you got paid to do (an obscene amount by the way) is absurd and shows how out of touch with reality you are.  Tell us again why that single mother of two, cleaning houses and working a second job, while living in a subsidized housing unit can relate to your $5000 dress that you wear as you hold your statue for being the ‘best actress ever’?  That single mother doesn’t even have a table to put a meal on, let alone a mantel to put a silly award on.  She’ll take the “crumbs” as a bonus for a job well done, over a ridiculous piece of self-glorifying tin any day.

Its amazing to me that the one thing I had wanted for myself for so many years, has become something I avoid almost on a regular basis now.  I no longer watch award shows at all.  I hand-pick my movies carefully, excluding even some actors who were my favorites for years, and I sit for very little TV aside from a couple shows that have immense character. I will not patronize people who have insulted not only me, but a great many people in this wonderful country that I love and respect.  Please don’t confuse my feelings with intolerance, that’s your job.  My feelings are solely because you have stepped out of your lane with your insults and opinions, on MY TIME, too often. Which, by the way, serves to confirm my opinions.  You may have an award for pretending to be someone else, but when you’re yourself, the art of persuasion is lost.

The biggest thing I think you don’t understand is how very sad this makes some of us who truly enjoyed your work, and admired the craft you had chosen to bless us with. We didn’t care about our political, religious or even moral differences.  We just enjoyed your artistry, and by the same token thought you enjoyed our audience. We understand now… you see some of us as despicable people and have no use for healthy dialogue.  We get it, consider us done. But while we walk away to live in the real world, if nothing else, do yourself a favor and take the speech on tolerance out of your repertoire – or at the very least learn the definition.   It makes your whole almighty performance defunct when you start off with a contradiction.

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