My two cents. Stop the violence.

Let me begin by saying that I have no interest in taking up the gun control debate.  I grew up in a household with guns that were safely and respectfully treated.  I choose not to have one in my home now, but I fully understand those who have handguns for protection and those who have shotguns for hunting.  I can say that if one of my children were in a situation with a shooter, I would be forever thankful if a person were legally carrying a concealed weapon and was able to thwart the attack…   But again, this note is not about gun control, I’ll leave that battle for those who feel more passionately and can speak more eloquently than I on the subject.

What I don’t understand is how, when another horrific tragedy like Vegas or Texas happens there is an immediate knee jerk reaction to blame only gun control; but within that same argument no one takes up the violence that is thrown at the public recreationally on a regular basis.  I think we can all agree that mental health plays a part in these crimes, obviously someone who is sane would not choose to randomly kill innocent people.  And there’s evil, plain and simple, which if given the opportunity and means, will make its way into the heart of a weakened recipient.  That said, the bevy of violent video games, songs, TV shows and movies that are readily available to everyone on a continuous loop are ignored in this investigation of why someone would plan and strategize something so heinous.  Why when we are taking up the fight for gun control are we not also demanding that Hollywood and the makers of these games, which center around gun violence, are held accountable for their part in glamorizing this type of behavior to the less than stable individuals that lack basic social skills and fall into this realm of false realty?  Of course there are many who can play these games or partake in this entertainment and separate realty from fiction, but what about those who cannot?  The loner, the teenager who struggles to communicate and connect, the adult who had always been bullied as a kid and has deep seeded anger issues?

The media and Hollywood jump on everything that is God driven as if it is an attack on humanity, but yet say nothing of the garbage that is fed to society daily.  In fact, they perpetrate it.  We have completely desensitized generations of individuals who have grown up with nothing shy of violence and gun wielding shown to them daily in a way as to promote this very behavior.  Need we remind the entertainment industry and the makers of these games that not everyone has a firm grip on reality?  Unfortunately, many lack influences to counteract vial behavior.  Stop feeding the masses destructive and inhumane ideas, and instead err on the side of wholesome for a while.  How about we all get on our high horse and fight for that since we all seem to be looking for a cause?  The powers that be hand our children endless footage of human carnage created by other humans, but then ostracize those who speak God’s name as if that’s the problem with society.  This isn’t a religious debate that I’m opening, I just feel a need to point out the absurdity of the contradiction.

Sadly, I can fully see why as a society we have come to this point. We have handed these ideas to the unstable on a silver platter.  Stop focusing solely on gun control, we all know that those who really want to destroy human life, will find a way.  Let’s focus on the bigger picture, the core of humanity…  We emulate what we see and for those of us who do not have someone in our lives to offset the constant barrage of violence, we need to start feeding them healthy social ideals.  WE need to stop this insanity of negative and violent behavior being shown as commonplace.  WE are better than this and we need to demand images of love, patience, caring, and basic kindness flooding our airways.  If we stop buying, and we stop watching and listening, maybe a trend toward wholesome will come back and maybe, just maybe, that individual who is looking to make a name for himself because he feels that society abandoned him, will find a way to make that name with an act of kindness instead of carnage.

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